Our Services

With a huge range of cladding options, all of which can be designed and installed in whatever style and/or finish you prefer, it’s never been simpler to give your home or business the perfect finish with our bespoke cladding solutions. Not only this, but with our ICW approved, insurance backed warranty, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that every aspect of your cladding installation is in our safe and capable hands.

Choosing a metal

There are four key materials to choose from: steel, aluminium, zinc and copper. Modern production techniques mean that metals can be pre-aged, coated to preserve the original shine or supplied in a huge range of painted and powder-coated hues according to your preference. But there’s more to consider than simply the metal and finish – the profile shape and jointing type can have a surprising effect on the perceived colour and texture of your cladding.

Our Accreditations & Certifications